When it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, America's first-tier cities are thriving. Second and third-tier cities are losing young people because they have seemingly lost relevance and are competing with cities that have successfully promoted a culture of possibility and permission - in other words, opportunity.

After decades of decline, these regional sectors are realizing the need to revitalize their business districts with contemporary infrastructure and additional enterprise and employment opportunities, or face the impending departures of major corporations who call these cities home.

With roughly ten tier-one cities located in the U.S., there is a strong public and private interest to reinvigorate these second and third-tier cities by transforming them into thriving hubs of innovation, community, and co-creation: ultimately, attracting the brightest, sharpest minds to the area.

Singular second-tier cities that were able to overcome and re-build successful ecosystems through citizen migration include Nashville, Austin, and Santa Monica.


In 2016, Upward identified an opportunity to establish a template solution to elevate second and third-tier cities across the U.S. An urban intersection where corporates, startups, and talent can interact, create and succeed together.

We are on a mission to revitalize these second tier cities by creating a holistic, self-sustaining and template ecosystem, focused on innovation and economic prosperity, with the intent of connecting an entire state.

While Upward’s suite of physical spaces are core to our product, our mission is greater than real estate. Upward’s primary objective is to create opportunity and growth through community advancement, creating a more liveable and prosperous America
for talent retainment.





Upward LIVE is designed to be a physical space, or atmosphere, of inspiration and comfort.

A restorative, communal space for visionaries, makers and creators to come together and be supported, replenished and invigorated.

The Upward LIVE product is designed to act as a home base, a foundation, a springboard for the young and regenerated talent seeking to belong in the city.

Everything is purpose-built and created to be accessible, sustainable, and facilitatory of a vibrant community spirit that will make any visitor feel at home.



The intersection of innovation, the Upward WORK pillar is the driving force to our most ambitious change-makers and entrepreneurs who come to connect, collaborate and
create with fellow innovators.

Upward embraces the shared workspace and co-working movement by bringing diverse groups together in a communal setting - a hotbed for idea expansion and manifestation.


THRIVE is the powerhouse energy behind and within every program, activity and initiative at Upward.

It manifests by incubating ideas, bridging connections through networking, enabling valuable mentor relationships, attracting angel investor networks and driving startup growth.

It is the community energy behind our LIVE and WORK products that enable expansion, fame, longevity and connection.

THRIVE is only limited by your thinking. Startups, corporates, government personnel and likeminded
innovators can all contribute to THRIVE
, earning a role in achieving the Upward mission.

Every product or programming initiative established under the Upward umbrella is connected to one or more of these value pillars. As a champion of social change underpinned by our firm belief in the power of the greater good, Upward is committed to this framework as a way to templatize, yet customize, our positive community impact on a global level.