#UpwardLabsSpotlight | Cutii

As social creatures, humans are not equipped to thrive in extended periods of isolation.

Unfortunately, this is a reality for many of our aging population that has only been amplified by COVID-19 lockdown measures.

While there are countless technologies on the market that aim to engage and connect a younger, tech-savvy audience, few have met the same needs for the elderly... until now.

Cutii is a robotic companion that creates a community for isolated seniors, while also offering live activities and convenient access to telehealth services.

Richard Marshall, Vice President of Business Development for Cutii's expansion in the US, shares about their technology's powerful applications in assisted living and home care environments in the latest Upward Labs Spotlight feature.

UPWARD: Give us Cutii's elevator pitch. 

Richard Marshall: Cutii is designed to kill loneliness and isolation for seniors. We hate that people of a certain age spend most of their time not talking to people, and aim to solve that need for compani